"Paranormal Protection Agency 11 eBook Bundle: Books 1 - 11 (Ebook)"

by Mina Carter

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Paranormal Protection Agency Series
# Romance
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Hearts of Stone - Sometimes things that go bump in the night make the best bodyguards. Her Wolf to Command - When pixies play dirty, a human bar owner must rely on a wild werewolf's protection and resist his seductive charm. His Runaway Lioness -She's a cat on the run, he's a warlock with a mission. Can they resist the magnetic pull of their forbidden attraction? The Werelion And The Cat -One last job, one soul-stealing kiss, and a werelion mate she never saw coming – this warlock thief is in for the ride of her life! Seduced by Santa -A woman determined to spread the Christmas spirit… A Santa who hates Christmas…  Santa's Naughty List - She has Christmas in her blood… But Santa doesn’t know she exists. Beautiful and shy, he’s definitely got her on his list… What the Sleigh? -She's got a job to do, he's got a heart to win back. But when Christmas is on the line, this were-reindeer and Claus elf must put everything aside to save the holiday! Bad Santa - A pixie on the run. A deadly operative. Taking down her late husband's empire is the only way to survive, but will their growing passion be the greatest danger of all? Dragon's Honor - When a protection mission uncovers a sinister paranormal slave trade, shadow-dragon Baron must fight to save his newfound mate, Honor... Dragon's Chase - He’s found his mate. But can he convince her that he’s her dragon? The Demon Prince’s Dragon Queen - She’s too good for him but that’s not going to stop this demon prince from claiming what he wants.

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Title: "Mist-Rift Monster Romance 3 Book Bundle: Books 1 - 3 (Ebook)"

A boxset of the 3 books in the Mist-Rift Monster Romance Series.

Orc Romance!

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