Affiliate Disclosure

This site was generated by StoryOrigin. StoryOrigin provides functionality for its users to create dynamic links that direct consumers to the correct web retailer storefront for their country ("Universal Book Links" or "UBLs"). StoryOrigin's users may participate in the affiliate programs of the relevant retailers and create Universal Book Links using their affiliate account information.

When a consumer clicks on a UBL and proceeds to buy something on the retailers site, our users, or StoryOrigin, may receive compensation in the form of an affiliate commission.

Clicking on a StoryOrigin link doesn't cost the consumer anything. The commission is paid by the retailer.

In full transparency, and in compliance with FTC guidelines, we want to inform you of the following:

Affiliate Links

In certain cases StoryOrigin UBLs are affiliate links and a small commission from sales of certain items will be earned.

Amazon Disclosure

StoryOrigin and its users may participate in Amazon's affiliate programs, which are designed to provide a means to earn fees by advertising and linking to,,,,,,,,,,, and


StoryOrigin use may use a UBL in conjunction with a review of a product. In some of those cases, the user has received the product for free from the seller.

Sponsored Content

StoryOrigin users may use UBLs with sponsored content - content that was created in some degree for, or on behalf of, a paying party and that party may be the seller of the product, or compensated by the seller for purchases of the product.