"Pursued by the Alien Lord"

by Mina Carter

She’s a spy. He’s an alien cyborg who doesn’t like humans… What could go wrong?
Warriors of the Lathar Book 16
# Sci-Fi
# Alien Invasion
# Romance
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Hacker extraordinaire Raven lives in the shadows, making her living by rooting out secrets of the rich and corrupt. It’s a good setup, until her boss reassigns her to spy on the Lathar. All she’s got to do is break into their super-secure system and find out what they’re keeping from humanity. She’s going to have to go undercover working in the Latharian Mate Program to do it. There’s just one problem. The very dangerous, and very sexy Risyn B'Kaar. He doesn’t like humans, and he’s her new boss… War Commander Risyn B’Kaar doesn’t want to be on Earth, and doesn’t want to be part of the mate program. But he has his orders. At least all he has to do is set the draanthing thing up, then he can leave. He certainly doesn’t want a human mate of his own. No way, no how… But when the program matches him with Raven, he can’t let her go. Not even when she betrays him. There’s a greater betrayal at work though, one that might take his beautiful little mate from him. Can he save her from the forces that conspire against them, before it’s too late?