"Warriors of the Lathar - 8 eBook Bundle (ebooks 9 - 14)"

by Mina Carter

Get eBooks 9 - 14  in the Warriors of the Lathar Series in one great bundle!
Warriors of the Lathar Series ebooks 9 - 14
# Romance
# Sci-Fi
# Futuristic
# Aliens
# Genetic Engineering
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Rescued by her Alien Protector - He’s been loyal to the empire all his life. Will he betray everything he knows to save the woman he loves? Kissed by the Alien Mercenary - Woken by a kiss, she didn’t expect her prince to be a handsome alien warrior. Alien Paladin's Redemption - He seeks redemption for his sins. Love and a mate are not on the cards… Alien AI's Marine - He's the lone human male in a sea of lethal alien warriors. He's either gifted or suicidal... Alien Sentinel's Mate - Being rescued by aliens doesn’t mean she’s going to marry one… not unless he’s hot. Asking would help too. Claimed by the Alien Shifter - She’s the beauty to his beast and his fated mate. How does he tell her the monster inside him could get them both killed?