"Warborne Alien Mercenaries - 6 eBook Bundle (ebooks 1-6)"

by Mina Carter

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Warborne Mercenaries Series
# Sci-Fi
# Romance
# Futuristic
# Aliens
# Adventure
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Return to the worlds of the Lathar, as you've never seen them before... Alien Mercenary's Heart - She wanted a coffee and an easy shift. Instead, she got a smart-alec mercenary and commandos trying to kill her… Alien Mercenary’s Bride - Stowing away on an alien ship? Idiotic. Stowing away on the Warborne's ship? Suicidal. Alien Mercenary's Prize - Natalia is a survivor. She’ll survive an alien fight pit. No problem. Alien Mercenary's Destiny - He nearly died. Then he became something else. Something… not human. Alien Mercenary's Consorts - He was done with royal life years ago. One problem… it’s not done with him. Alien Mercenary's Scientist - The mission was simple: rescue the damsel (scientist) in distress. But it's not that simple anymore...

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Warriors of the Lathar Series ebooks 1 - 8

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