"Alien Commander's Mate"

by Mina Carter

Warring aliens destroyed her home, with her in it. Now she’s married to one...
Warriors of the Lathar Book 5
# Sci-Fi
# Alien Invasion
# Romance
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Alone, ill, and with nothing left to tie her to Earth, Amanda will do anything to track down her daughters… even take an alien warrior’s crazy deal. It doesn’t hurt that said alien is tall, handsome as hell and makes her body sing as soon as he looks at her. But Fenriis isn’t the only warrior who has eyes for Amanda. While her ferocious mate is busy fighting off an outside enemy, it’s one within who may steal their happily ever after. He’s breaking the rules by being on her planet. But he’ll risk the wrath of the Emperor to make her his. After an attack, Fenriis is forced to go down to the surface to make sure no enemy forces remain. A veteran warrior born and bred for war, even his heart isn’t hard enough to ignore the delicate female he finds in the ruins of her home. She’s the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen, and all she wants is to find her adult children. How can he refuse to help… especially when she agrees to be his mate in return? But sometimes the worst attack comes from the last place you’d expect. Forced to fight off her people and his, can he find her before it’s too late?