"Alien Crusader's Mate"

by Mina Carter

She needs money, and fast… or her nephew dies.
(Latharian Mate Program Book 2)
# Romance
# Aliens
# Futuristic
# Space
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Halle is at her wits end. She and her sister are working two jobs each, but even that’s not enough for them to eat some days. And that’s before the emotional toll of caring for a sick toddler. When they’re landed with a huge medical bill, Halle has only one option left to her… signing up with the Latharian Mate Program. Beyond all her hopes, she’s matched immediately, and her alien ‘husband’ pays the fee she demanded without argument. She steels herself to become a mail-order mate for some alien guy, but when her match turns out to be a hideously scarred grump, her nerves flee the building. Passing out at a guy’s feet is an awesome first impression, right? His mate is beautiful, delicate, and only interested in his money… A former healer, Kaas V’aant knows that he’s no oil painting, especially to a human. But a twist of genetics means that he won’t get a second match, so when his mate is found, he agrees to whatever she wants, including the exorbitant amount of credits she demands before she’ll even leave her planet. But when his new mate faints at the first sight of him, Kaas realizes he’ll have to tread lightly. They say opposites attract… He has time, and more than enough money to buy her everything she wants… Until he doesn’t. Events from his little mate’s past catch up with her, forcing Kaas into a desperate race to save both his relationship… and his beautiful mate’s life.