"Alien Mercenary's Heart (eBook) - Book 1 of the Latharian Mercenaries: Warborne Series"

by Mina Carter

Return to the worlds of the Lathar, as you've never seen them before...
Lathar Mercenaries: Warborne Book 1
# Romance
# Aliens
# Alien Invasion
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She wanted a coffee and an easy shift. Instead, she got a smart-alec mercenary and commandos trying to kill her… Medically discharged from the military over a decade ago, Station Chief Eris Archer just wants a quiet life. But life on a frontier station like Tarantus is never dull. The wild west of space, she’s used to less than scrupulous characters crossing her path. So when handsome cyborg, Zero, charms her with fantastical tales of being non-human, she takes it with a pinch of salt. When commandos storm the base, trying to kill her and she ends up with a price on her head, she has to trust him with her life… but can she trust him with her heart? He doesn’t know where he came from, but he knows one thing… his destiny is with her. Zero is a mystery, even to himself. Since waking up badly damaged in a wrecked shuttle, he’s made his home with the Warborne, a band of Latharian Mercenaries with a lethal reputation. He lives fast and he expects to die young… Until he meets her. Eris Archer captures the attention of all his instincts, human and cyborg. Drawn to her like a targeting lock… he wants to get to know her better. But his plans for a date in the station’s brig are foiled by people with guns and they have to get off the station. Fast. Between murderous commandoes, betrayals and an unexpected rescue mission; can Zero prove to her that he’s all the man, or machine, she’ll ever need...

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