"Alien Mercenary's Scientist (eBook) - Book 6 of the Latharian Mercenaries: Warborne Series"

by Mina Carter

Accused of murder and trapped in a web of corporate deceit, her only hope lies in the stars... and in a handsome alien mercenary.
Book 6 - Warborne Series
# Romance
# Alien Invasion
# Aliens
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Lina's day goes from bad to worse when she uncovers her employer's darkest secret: illegal experiments on non-humans that shatter ethical boundaries and risk igniting a war. She knows she needs to tell someone, but her employers have a habit of silencing whistleblowers. Permanently. Desperate, she makes a call to an old friend... She anticipates a high-stakes rescue. What she doesn't expect is Mayce, an alien mercenary whose smoldering gaze and sharp intellect challenge everything she knows about survival—and desire. The mission was simple: rescue the damsel (scientist) in distress. But it's not that simple anymore... Mayce, the newest member of the Warborne, prepares for a straightforward rescue mission. However, a raging solar storm strands him at the base, complicating what should have been a simple plan. He must think on his feet to keep the rest of the crew from discovering he's an alien and to protect Lina, not just as a rescuee, but as the woman who's stolen his heart. When the base turns into a hunting ground with crew members mysteriously killed, and attempts on Lina’s life intensify, Mayce finds himself in a race against time. He must unravel the mystery and solve the murders before the killer claims the one person who makes his heart beat... ** Please read carefully before purchasing digital products. ** All sales are final. There are no returns or exchanges on digital content.