"Alien Prince's Mate"

by Mina Carter

Fleeing a violent past, she found her future in the embrace of an alien prince.
(Latharian Mate Program Book 1)
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On the run from her violent ex, Naomi is on the streets with no money, no options, and a two-year-old daughter to protect. Desperate and with nothing left to lose, she enrols in the new Latharian Mate program. When she's matched with Rohn K'Saan, an actual prince and cousin of the emperor, her world is turned upside down. Despite her best efforts to keep her guard up, Naomi finds herself drawn to the handsome, charming alien. His strength and confidence are intoxicating, and she can't deny the attraction she feels. But as their connection deepens, Naomi's past catches up with them. Her violent ex-partner is hot on her trail, and when he threatens her and their two-year-old daughter, she realizes that they may never be truly safe... He's used to getting what he wants. But can he win the heart of his human mate? Rohn K'Saan can't believe his luck when he's matched with the beautiful human woman, Naomi. As a prince and cousin of the emperor, he's used to getting what he wants, and he wants Naomi. Captivated by her strength and determination to keep herself and her daughter safe, he's determined to prove to her that he's the male who can do just that and win her heart in the process. When Naomi's daughter is taken, Rohn realizes that rank and privilege mean nothing. As a prince of the lathar and one of the galaxy's most lethal and feared warriors, he'll stop at nothing to get her back and save his new family...

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Title: "Alien Crusader's Mate"

She needs money, and fast… or her nephew dies.

(Latharian Mate Program Book 2)

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